Fat Transfer/Brazilian Butt Lift For my Size?

Hi, I weigh 100lb and am 5'3. I have contemplated for years and tried exercise but decided I definitely want to do this by surgery. Since I am skinny, I am wondering if it would be still possible to get this surgery. What are my options? How much weight would I have to gain? I definitely do not want implants, I've done my research regarding those. Also, any good surgeons in Vancouver, BC area that you could recommend? Thank you!

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Weight gain before fat transfer

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This can not be answered completely without seeing your photos or examining you but you would need to gain weight prior to surgery to have a reasonable result. You may need to gain 10 lbs or more. A certain percentage of the fat will shrink and die (30-50%), therefore the more fat that is injected, the more fat that will survive. I would consult with a board certified plastic surgeon for a complete exam before gaining weight.

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Do I have enough fat for fat transplantation?

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Unfortunately, this a problem for many patient considering fat grafting, whether to the face, the breast, or the buttock regions.  Often patients who desire fat grafting to these regions are deficient in terms of donor site. Temporarily gaining weight is probably not the right solution.  If post op, you like your new elevated weight with your results, that might be an added bonus. Then again, it might not. 
I tell my patients that if fat is harvested from the hip posteriorly and the thigh laterally, this may give  the "illusion" of better shape to the buttocks because of more favorable proportions.  Hard to tell without photos, but think that at 5'3" and 100lb, there is not much donor tissue.  Hope this helps you.

Ronald A. Lohner, MD
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Brazilian Butt Lift for petit size

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Thank you for yor question. Without any photos it is difficult to make a recommendation. BBL is not only adding fat to the buttocks, but also subtracting fat and reshaping the anatomical areas around the buttocks. The suggestion that you should gain weight for the procedure, might sound like a good idea, but in the long run will not work. It will make the surgeon's job easier, but after surgery if you get back to your usual weight, your BBL will shrink as well. It is best to stay at your comfortable weight. See a board certified plastic surgeon for an in person consultation and evaluation. It might be possible to carry out the surgery with good long term result or you might not be a candidate for fat grafting alone. I've done BBL in women with a BMI 18-19 with great results. I use the VASER technique, and without it, this operation would've had less than favorable results. Good luck. 

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Fat transfer for my size.

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In very small framed patients or without much fat to work with, its required that they generally need to gain a little weight, for me to be able to find small fat pockets and manage the grafting into the buttocks with noticeable results. Contact a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon for you to be evaluated and advised.

Jaime Campos Leon, MD
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Fat Transfer at 5'3" 100 lbs for Brazilian Buttlift

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At 5'3" 100 lbs, you may have some fat to transfer but probably not a lot.  If you are going to make this work, with possibly a modest weight gain, find the plastic surgeon with ELITE credentials who performs hundreds of Brazilian buttlifts each year.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

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