Fat Transfer Brazilian Butt Lift. Is There A Limit to How Much Fat Can Be Removed At Once?

I am 5'6 weigh 194. I had a consultation for Brazilian butt lift with fat transfer I was told that only 5liters of fat can be removed at at once, is that true? If so theoretically if only 250cc can be used then I will only have 125cc in each side. That will not be a significant change. Do people typically go back for a second session because I have seen multiple sites with fat transfers ranging from 500 to 750cc which are the results I would like

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Brazilian Butt lift

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If a total aspirate of 5 liters is taken then you will have about 2000-3000 cc of fat to trannsfer.

That is ample amount of fat transfer.

Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

Liposuction limit

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There is a recommended limit to the amount of liposuction that should be performed in a single session. The 5 liter number you were quoted is an accepted standard. This should not be confused with how much fat can be transferred to the buttock during the procedure.  5 liters of liposuction aspirate will provide far more than 250 cc of fat for transfer. Your surgeon will determine the amount of  fat to transfer to achieve your desired goals. The procedure may also require a subsequent transfer if your goals were not met with the first procedure.


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