Body Fat Percentage for Fat Transfer or Grafting?

I am a female, 109 lbs, and 5'2. I have a body fat percentage of 20%. Is this enough fat to allow for fat transfer or grafting to some deep, wider scars to the face, at least enough to offer improvement?

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Fat grafting and lipoinjection in thin individual

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Your face would require relatively smalller volumes of fat and given your body weight and percentage, you should have adequate sources to obtain sufficient fat to correct the desired areas.

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Fat Grafting in Low Body Fat Patients

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Hi Piping Hot Veg,

We have been able to harvest very nice fat from the lateral thighs in women who appeared to have very little fat available.  You should have enough fat in that area to the areas of concern on your face, as well as a full facial fat transfer if desired.

Good luck and be well.

Dr. P

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