Fat Transfer After Artefill Injections?

Will Fat Transfer take in my cheeks and jaw? I have Artefill in these areas. I would like to do full face Fat Transfer.

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Fat Injections after Artefill

You could have fat injections after Artefill injections, but there is a small possibility that the local circulation is less than it was before the Artefill because the Artefill is a substance that sits there occupying space that would otherwise have better oxygenation from neighboring blood vessels. The new fat injected near the area might not get enough oxygen from the surrounding tissues.

The other concern, is that there can be delayed reactions, bumps, even delayed local infections years after an Artefill injection. The fat injected near the Artefill can risk disturbing these molecules (biofilm) and stimulate an infection. If the area becomes infected, the entire Artefill might need to be removed. Just keep this in mind. Some doctors consider prescribing a course of antibiotics at the time of fat injections to decrease the risk of an infection.

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Fat injecdtion after Artefill

It is my overall impression that the fat transfer would take satisfactorily in an area of previous Artefill injection. However, this is not based on any personal experience as this product is not popular in the US and after being unavailable due to bankruptcy of the original distributor is not available again.

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