Fat Transer for the Shape I Want?

I had my first child 2 years ago. I am naturally curvy & its something ive always loved about myself. My measurements before my daughter were 36B-24-39. My measurements now are 36D-38-45. I am 5'3 & a half, almost 5'4. I weigh 179 lbs & my normal weight before my child was 145. The measurements i want to achieve are 34D-24-47 or 48. I want a fat transfer to my butt with fat used frm smart lipo on my tummy, back, & arms. Will i be able to get those measurements with those surgeries? i want fat transfered into my hips and thighs. Ok so: 1. If there is cellulite or dimples can the fat transfer also get rid of those or even them out? Now the rest is about financing. I am a college student and im obviously not rich. Is it possible for me to achieve these measurements and this surgery within a budget? What kind of financing is there? And what would most charge for this? I would like to get it done ASAP.

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Finding a Brazilian Butt Lift doctor

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Your questions are best answered in person by a board certified plastic surgeon experienced in BBL surgery. The prices will range greatly between doctors and regions. Many of us participate with several financing companies.

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