How Well Does Fat Transfer Help in Sculpting a More Rounded Butt?

My behind is flat. I have a lot of belly fat. Is it possible to decrease my belly fat and inject it into my derriere or is this more of a rounded shape because of muscle?

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Buttock enhancement

The shape and roundness of the buttock is determined by many factors. The amount of buttock fat, the presence of fat just above the buttocks will take away from the appearance of round buttock. Also the presence of large amount of fat in the posterior thighs may take away from the appearance of the buttocks.

A good examination and analysis of the lower body will determine what needs to be done to achieve the results you desire. Most of the time it is a combination of all, that is liposuction and fat transfer will give yoo a round buttocks, if you have enough fat.

Cosult a board certified plastic surgeon and listen to the analysis and decide.

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