I Just Had Fat Transfer to my Buttocks, my Butt Feels Hard, is It Going to Stay Hard?

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After fat transfer to buttocks ,it is not going to stay hard

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Would have been important to know the time elapsed after surgery to answer more precisely, but I can tell you that after the buttocks lipoinyection occurs an inflammatory response and edema, the edema may be maximum in the first 2 weeks and may disappear from 6-8 weeks or longer, in this period the buttocks may be swollen and hard, then gradually decrease in volume and becomes less hard.

  A condition that could  occur is that some of the injected fat, particularly if  a proper technique is not applied or  excessive volume is injected, may undergo necrosis by ischemia or inadequate blood irrigation, devitalized  fat can produce greater inflammation and can back hard and suffer calcification, the process of resorption of necrotic fat can be slow and buttocks could stay hard and swollen for a longer time

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