Is Fat Suction Required with Smart Lipo?

Is it true that the melted body fat from Smart Lipo isn't required to be suctioned out? Is it up to the doctor to decide to perform suction or not?

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I definitely recommend the fat be suctioned!

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There is absolutely NO doubt whatsoever that it is best to suction the fat at the time of the SmartLipo or the recovery process will be much longer and potentially have complications. Any surgeon who does this on a regular basis will tell you that.

On the other hand, there have been some reports about using the laser without the suction. This is a mistake in my estimation and will only lead to problems if you do that.

Recommended to remove the melted fat

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The FDA in approving devices that melt fat have done so with the understanding that the fat is suction out after the procedure. The reason is that the FDA feels that there has not been enough research to know where the fat eventually goes and what the longterm effects could be.

So that is their recommendation and to be safe and compliant that is what should be done.

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