Can I Use Fat from my Stomach As an Implant?

I have some fat on my midsection from a child birth 2years ago and i have one breast smaller than the other. I am considering getting the smaller breast larger to match the other but i dont want a silicone implant. Could i use the fat from my stomach area as the implant? If not then i will get the bigger breast smaller. I just want the to feel real if i do.

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Fat grafting for breast augmentation

Fat grafting to breast is a new procedure which can enhance the cup size but only by one or two  sizes.

If the asymmetry is small,then ADRC's enhanced fat grafting to the breast can be done.There is always a scope for a repeat fat grafting,if required.

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Using fat to make breast

It is possible to harvest fat from the abdomen or other areas of the body and place it in the breast. There is sometimes 10-20% reduction in the final out come but the procedure can be performed.

William J. Hedden, MD
Birmingham Plastic Surgeon
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Yes you can

Breast enhancement using fat grafting (or fat from other areas in your body) is a new procedure.  Fat moved to another area in your body does not all stay - about 30-50% goes away.  But the fat that is there after 3 months is permanent.  Sometimes patients undergo 2 procedures to get the volume they are desiring. The resultant breast is natural looking and feeling and it grows and gets smaller with you as your weight fluctuates.  The only problem is that we don't have any long term data on how safe this is regarding breast cancer detection.  Good luck! 

Bivik Shah, MD
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Fat grafting is a new and effective way to fill breasts without implants.

Breast augmentation via fat grafting promises to give women larger breasts using only their own fat tissue, with no breast implant and no incisions on or near the breasts. The results would be permanent, never requiring the removal and replacement of an implant, and would never be subject to an accidental rupture, deflation, or displacement. However, it is an emerging technique and the long term effects need to be evaluated. Potential complications include cyst formation and fibrous masses and interference with mammograms.

Otto Joseph Placik, MD
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Breast augmentation

You can use injected fat to make the breast larger but it depends on how much enlargement you need, how the fat is treated during/prior to injection. If you inject too much at a time you can end up with dead fat and other problems. I can understand your concerns with having synthetic material like a breast implant placed in your body but you have another option. You could make the larger side a little smaller and then you would not have to inject as much fat in the smaller side to make them even.

This mode of treatment is not well recognized and my malpractice insurance has a coverage exclusion clause for fat injections to the breast. This clause came from the company presumably due to claims processed and has nothing to do with me per se.

Aaron Stone, MD
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Fat grafts for breast enhancement

For most women, using their own fat to increase breast size is not the first choice due to difficulty of increasing the breast size by more than 300cc. In your case however, where you only desire correction of an uneven breast, fat grafts may be a reasonable option. A Board Certified plastic surgeon with experience in breast fat grafts can give you more information. Please see the link below for more information on fat grafts to the breast.

Karol A. Gutowski, MD, FACS
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Natural Breast Augmentation: Fat Grafting for Breast Augmentation

It is possible to do what you are considering.  Fat grafting after breast cancer surgery is becoming more commonplace and there is an increased interest in cosmetic breast augmentation with fat grafting.  The last American Society of Plastic Surgeons Position Paper in July 2009 asked for more studies to be performed, but did state that the results may vary depending on the experience of the surgeon with the procedure.  I am involved in a study evaluating the results of fat grafting for breast augmentation and would recommend seeking out physicians that are also involved in these studies.  All of the risks and benefits would be discussed with you so that you can decide how to proceed with all the options available, including implants.  Best wishes on attaining your goal.

Luis Zapiach, MD
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Breast enhancement with fat

Using your own fat to enhance the breast sound like the most natural thing to do. However, before you rush off to your consultation, it is important to know that this procedure is still considered experimental by most Plastic surgeon. We still do not know the long term effects. I will recommend that you do a little bit of research and know all the risks and benefits prior to proceeding.

I am hopeful that fat grafting for breast augmentation will become more common in the future. However, its easier and cheaper to get an implant.

Currently, I offer this procedure to my patients who require breast contouring following breast reconstruction after mastectomy.

Good Luck

Stanley Okoro, MD
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon
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Fat to breasts

Fat grafting to breasts is still in the infacncy stages in terms of research and long term follow-up. I would probably recommend implants to match the difference.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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Transferred fat for breast augmentation

Fat transfer may be natural and sound like a good idea, there are many problems with it:

1. only one cup size can be achieved
2. some of the re-injected fat calcifies, which could be mistaken for breast cancer on a mammogram.
3. you may develop oil cysts and tissue scarring
4. results can be unpredictable and require many sessions to achieve your desired results.

Currently, there is no research that proves fat transfer is safer than implants (silicone or saline).

Jerome Edelstein, MD
Toronto Plastic Surgeon
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