Fat requirement for brazilian butt lift. Shouldn't this depend on the individuals body frame and the desired look? (photo)

Im 5'7" 150lb with stubborn fat deposits in my abdomen/ flank/ upper back area but my legs are slim. I am aware that once the areas are sculptured and fat removed, it alone will give an appearance of a fuller bottom area. The fat cells added are to behave as seeds planted for growth. Once weight is gained post op then the seeds will grow into a tree. I personally want to stay slim and don't want a big donkey booty for my already small frame. In my case would 200 to 300cc's be insufficient?

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Fat requirements

Hello, thank you for your question. You are absolutely right, fat requirements during fat grafting depend on your body's frame, your needs, and your desired end look. Fat grafting, does not however, works like seeding, you don't have to gain weight after surgery,how it actually works is like replantation, living fat cells that were in unwanted areas in your body, are taken up with liposuction through a sterile process and replanted somewhere else, like our buttocks, some of these cells will not survive the replantation process, (usually about 20%) but the resting 80% will remain there. It is hard to say what your requirements are without looking at some pictures, usually, in my experience, 300 cc in each buttock will give you a nice fuller buttock without the added effect you previously mentioned. An added 100 to 150 cc to each hip, will complement it nicely for a rounder buttock. Something to keep in mind is the more volume you put in a transfer, the more likely a higher percentage of fat cells won't make it, and most importantly, never gain weight after liposuction, if possible, even start excercicing and your skin will respond much better to the stimulus of the surgery. Hope to have been of some help

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Fat transfer and BBL

I think it is like you described, every patient is different and every patient wants different things.  Best to be seen in person to be properly evaluated. Based upon yrou height and weight you may be an excelelnt candidate.

Steven Wallach, MD
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Understanding how FAT behaves...


Very good question and it's logical of you wanting to understand how fat cells work or behave after a fat grafting. 

Fat cells all over the body respond differently, that's why you see areas that are much easier to slim down, and other (like the devilish "love handles") that are very tough to get rid off without medical intervention. Even though the cells can be moved to other parts of the body, they behave the same way as the did when they were in their original location (reason why for ex., abdominal fat is not a good choice for facial fat grafts). So the ideal fat for Butt Augmentation is the one that has less size fluctuations (like the flanks, lower back, and around the knees). This way, the cells transferred to your gluteal region will not have those fluctuations as well. 

Now, for how much augmentation you desire, that is something you must thoroughly discuss with your surgeon because, as you mention, only suctioning the lower back fat will intensify the transition from the lower back to the butt, creating a visual effect as if your butt is more projected. 

On the volume subject, it's impossible to say only from a sitting down picture with clothes on how much volume would be enough for your case. Even from photos alone, without a personal evaluation sounds pretty risky to confirm a volume without physical evaluation. This is were patient-surgeon empathy's magic happens and with a detailed pre-op conversation you both make sure to be on the same page. 

Hope this helps you clear your doubts. For more information do not hesitate to contact me. 

Take very good care of yourself, 

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Fat requirement for brazilian butt lift. Shouldn't this depend on the individuals body frame and the desired look?

      I operate on models of all sorts who are usually much thinner than the average BBL individual.  In these individuals I can usually obtain 500 cc per buttock with outstanding improvement. 

Kenneth Hughes, MD

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Thank you for the question.

To best help you, a physical examination or picture evaluation (front, back, right and left sides with out clothing) is required in order to determine which procedures and techniques would be best for your case.

Dr. Campos

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Fat requirement for brazilian butt lift

That's a really great question and it comes up a lot in my practice.  My patients who want a very subtle contour improvement of the buttocks do not require large volumes to be transferred.  You are right that the most important determining factors for the volume transferred are: #1 the patient's body habitus and #2 the patient's desired result.  In most cases people have enough fat for the look they are trying to achieve.  In cases where this is not true, buttock implants are another option. 
Your best bet is to consult with an experienced plastic surgeon who does a lot of these procedures and can deliver the results you desire.     

Best of luck to you,

Ruth N. Celestin, MD

Ruth Celestin, MD
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200-300cc enough?

Usually 200-300cc in someone who is 5'7" will make very little difference. This is because you are taller so I would think that to make a small difference it would require more fat.  I would recommend putting more in because if you felt you are too big, it's an easy fix by removing it with a little liposuction.  If you throw too much of the fat away you lose the opportunity to create a nice fuller enhancement.

Best Regards,
Dr Michael Gartner

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