Can All of my Fat Be Removed All at Once?

I am 17 years old and I weigh 236lbs and I have always been a big size since I was a little girl, I was wondering if my skin sags and covers my private area,would it be possible to be removed and make my body look good. Also if i would be able to remove saggy skin from my arms and fat from my thighs all at once?

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360 lower body lift circumferential body lift arm lift thigh lift massive weight loss

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Dear Dallas TX8420,
To obtain the best results,I would suggest losing as much weight as possible.  I would suggest you achieve this with diet and exercise, or lap band or gastric bypass.  Once your weight has stabilized and has not fluctuated more than 5 pounds over 3 to 4 months, then I would suggest reconstructive plastic surgery.
Based on your description of body parts which bother you, I would suggest an abdominoplasty (at minimum), or a 360 lower bodylift.  The abdominoplasty will remove excess skin and fat from the abdomen.  The 360 lower bodylift will remove skin and fat from the abdomen, saddlebags, bilateral hips, and buttocks.  
Often, I combine a thigh lift or thigh liposuction with the 360 lower body lift.  I do not suggest doing the arm lift at the same time as the thigh lift.  Having surgery on all four extremities is a difficult recovery.  One key difficulty in the recovery is due to your leg surgery, it is hard to walk to the bathroom; in addition, due to your arm  surgery, it is hard to take care of yourself in the bathroom and keep yourself clean.
Good luck with your weight loss journey.

Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon
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Total Body Lift

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Total body contouring or total body lift is a possibility. With a strict perioperative protocol and by limiting the operative time to less than 6 hours the procedure can be performed safely. From your description it seems you would be a candidate for an extended abdominoplasty which adresses the flank or "love handle" area as well as the abdomen. It is difficult to determine from your e-mail if you would require liposuction of the thighs and arms or also a lift. You should loose as much weight as possible before your procedure.


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If skin and fat hangs down over your pubic area, you would be a good candidate for surgery to improve that.  As far as removing skin and fat from the arms and thighs, I would caution you to have too much surgery done in one setting.  A reasonable start would be to have liposuction in the arms and thighs first.  Since you are young, much of the skin will contract.  If any remains, it can be safely removed in a second operation months later.

Samer W. Cabbabe, MD, FACS
Saint Louis Plastic Surgeon

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Weight Loss and Plastic Surgery

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Thank you for your question. The way to achieve the best results would be

stable at your lowest weight before proceeding with surgery.  It is possible that you can have multiple areas treated at the same time but safety should be the first priority in any elective surgery.



Can All of my Fat Be Removed All at Once?

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It seems to me that the question you are asking is can you have multiple procedures done at one time to reduce the excess skin and fat or your abdomen and arms as well as have liposuction of your legs. The answer to this question is yes and it can be done safely. I would suggest you discuss your particular issues with a surgeon that you feel comfortable with and let them guide you in your decision.

Paul Vitenas, Jr., MD
Houston Plastic Surgeon
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Body lift after stable ideal weight.

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You can have all of the mentioned procedures at once, when you are at your ideal body weight for at least 6 months. 

Otto Joseph Placik, MD
Chicago Plastic Surgeon
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Body lifts

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Once you lose the weight  you plan and get to your ideal body weight, you can undergo a body lift procedure.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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Body Lifts are for after weight loss

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Body Lifts are performed to remove the excess skin that remains after weight is lost.  Depending on the number of areas requiring treatment, this can be done all at once or in stages.  I suggest that you meet your weight loss goals before considering this surgery.

Bruce E. Genter, MD, FACS
Abington Plastic Surgeon
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How much fat can a body lift remove?

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Body lifts are best after you have lost weight. These procedures work best if you have loose skin and less fat.  Body lifts are excellent for removal of  extra skin and for "aprons" of skin and fat hanging down.  The first step is getting the weight down.

Hope that helps

Dr. Korman

Joshua Korman, MD
Mountain View Plastic Surgeon
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Liposuction, how much is safe

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I am not sure how tall you are, however being 236 pounds my suggestion would be to lose weight on your own. Liposuction is not indicated for obesity it is indicated for individuals that have one or two areas that are stubborn and don't respond with diet and exercise. The skin laxity that you have can addressed after you have lost most of the weight and you are at a healthy BMI. I would advise you to seek out a medical doctor that can assist you with diet and exercise. Good Luck

Bernard A. Shuster, MD, FACS
Hollywood Plastic Surgeon

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