Best Way to Get Rid of Fat After Transfer?

I had facial fat grafting 7 months ago. My lower jaw area near the corner of my mouth has retained too much fat giving it a chipmunk look. I would like this flattened out. I have heard of injections, ultrasound and micro liposuction. What's least invasive but effective? Thanks.

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Too fat from fat injections

You asked what's the least invasive but most effective to correct a fatty angle of the jaw.  Certainly of your choices, ultrasound is the leaset invasive but probably the lease effective.  High dose Thermage radiofrequency may help but may have a risk of atrophy, brown color or scarring. Corticosteroid injecitons are somewhat invasive but may help thin out the fat, but it might not be even and could leave hypopigmentation (lightening of skn color). Microliposuction would be the most effective, but is the most invasive.

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Fat Removal After Facial Fat Transfer

Options to remove facial fat after fat injections include time, liposuction, ultrasound,surgical excision, and steroid injection. Only after a comprehensive evaluation can a specialist help determine the appropriate option for you.

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