What is the Normal Range of Fat Removed Via Smart Lipo?

I just had smart lipo done and would like to know how much pounds is normal to come off from smart lipo? I am a 25 year old patient about 5'4. I believe I had 5 pounds taken off. Is this reasonable or good?

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I doubt very much that you had 5 lbs removed

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I presonally think that smartlipo is most effective in those with relatively small amounts of fat to be removed. remember too, that the surgeon always injects tumescent fluid before doing the smartlipo, so this will be part of what is removed. furthermore, i believe a huge part of the benefit from smartlipo comes from tne microscarring that the procedure creates. this causes the tightening to continue for up to 6 months. i would focus more on how you look after the procedure and less on how many ccs  are removied (this is what we measure, not lbs).

Good luck.

SmartLipo fat removed

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Results of liposuction are not measured based on pounds of fat removed but the number of ccs) cubic centimeters). Fat is low density so the number of pounds lost is less than expected.

Ronald Shelton, MD
Manhattan Dermatologic Surgeon
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