DIscoloration, swelling, pain and firmness - Do I Have Fat Necrosis? (Photo)

hi, im 27,non smoker. Had breast aug/lift with 700cc silicone unders on june 7th in another state, Had discoloration from the start and told multiple Dr's. all said it was bruising. Now my right breast is swollen all the way to my back, painful, very firm, and was light GRAY but now is very DARK gray. I have some skin necrosis and am scared now that perhaps i have a lot of fat necrosis underneath and will lose my breast, My PS wont return my calls, no money, no insurance,ER wont treat.Thank you

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Do I Have Fat Necrosis

The picture is a bit too close up to get an idea of what is going on, but this just looks like some scab, and is not particularly worrisome. Fat necrosis seems unlikely, but it is not a photo diagnosis, and the photo probably doesn't show the area in question. All the best. Keep your follow up appointments. 

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Fat necrosis

It is not possible to tell if you have fat necrosis from your description or photo...it appears you have som superficial epidermolysis (a term describing a common injury to the top layer of skin in the areas that are dark).  This may heal well, but should be kept moist.  You should follow up with your original surgeon as an exam would help answer your question about fat necrosis.

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