Can Fat Necrosis Continue to Apprear 2 1/2 Years After Breast Reduction?

I had breast reduction 2 1/2 years ago First two mamo's were fine (BI-RADS 2). This years mamo is now a 4 due to significant increase in califications in right breast. I have two large, hard palpable masses which radiologist and oncologist surgeon feel are fat necrosis and want to biopsy to confirm. If biospy turns out to be negative, should I still consult with my plastic surgeon to see if these areas should be removed due to their size and density. I have strong family history of BC.

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Fat necrosis does not appear 2 1/2 years later, especially with previous normal mammograms.

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I'm glad you are being advised to have a biopsy, and sincerely hope your radiologist and oncologist are correct. However, as a plastic surgeon that has done this type of surgery for over twenty years, and as a fully-trained and board-certified general surgeon prior to my plastic surgical training and board certification, I can truthfully tell you that fat necrosis does not spontaneously develop years after normal healing, even if it occurs initially.

I share your concern that this needs biopsy, and if negative would consult with your plastic surgeon about options for removal of these masses. Do not delay; get your biopsy scheduled soon. Good luck and best wishes!

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