Do you think this is a fat necrosis? Or beginnings of one? (photo)

I have contacted my my surgeon and he thinks its a stitch reaction or fat necrosis that will drain on its own. I do have a bit of yellowish ooze not a lot though. No pain. No blood. I'm 2 weeks PO. After reading online I'm stressing and worried. Thoughts? Thanks in advance.

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Do you think this is a fat necrosis?

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Although online information can be very helpful, it can also cause unnecessary stress and anxiety. Based on the photograph, and the fact that you have been seen by your plastic surgeon recently, I do not think that you have cause for significant anxiety or concern.

At this point, I would suggest that you occupy your mind (and stay away from online information…). Continue to follow-up with your plastic surgeon; earlier than already scheduled if he gives you peace of mind.

Best wishes.

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