Fat Loss After Surgery - Can Fat Transfer Help?

I had hip surgery as a child and now I have less fat and muscle on that whole leg, but in my upper leg, I have almost no fat at all and it hurts to put any pressure on it. Is it normal for surgery to cause that?

I am thinking of getting a brazilian butt lift for my hip and buttock area, and also transfer fat to my upper thigh at least. Would the cost be more than the average BBL? If so, how much? If I need hip surgery again, will it cause all the fat to go away again?

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Fat transfer to buttocks and thighs in Los Angeles

I have had experience with fat transfer to the thighs, knees, buttocks, face, and other areas of the body to correct disfigurements as well as for augmentation. this procedure has been very effective and successful.  Obviously, you will need to first have a comprehensive consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon who specializes in body contouring and fat transfer in Los Angeles.

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Brazilian Butt lift

A Brazillian butt lift is enlarging the buttock with the person's own fat which I take usually from an adjacent area. The results can be quite dramatic. However, the amount of fat that remains can be a problem. The good thing is that more can always be injected. The cost of this depends on how much liposuction is done but usually is about 5-10,000. If only one side is done, the cost becomes less. 

Hip surgery may definitely cause the fat to dissolve. 

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The Perfect Brazilian Butt Lift

Injection of your own fat into your butt will lift it and increase the size and projection.   The depression in your hip from childhood surgery is not uncommon.  Extra fat could be placed there as well.  You will need some donor fat for this and hopefully you have some areas of unwanted fat to use in this fat transfer.   I just did a 300cc fat transfer into each side last week .   She looks great and is soooooooo  happy with her new contour and lift.  

Good Luck!   Dr Grant Stevens   

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Braziliab Butt lift

It is not unusual to have a depressed area after hip surgery as a child. The question is why you have pain? what is the condition that required hip surgery, is there muscle mass loss ? why?

You need a thorough consultation by an orthopedic surgeon and a plastic surgeon and explore what is the codition now and what need to be done.

In general fat can be transfered to post operative depressed areas and fat will stay.

The question is do you have enough fat for Brazilian Butt lift, to the hips, and to the depressed area? you have to discuss this with your surgeon.

Samir Shureih, MD
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