How Much Fat Can I Get Rid Of With Liposuction? (photo)

How Much Fat Can I Get Rid Of With Liposuction? (arms and stomach)

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Abdominoplasty vs. liposuction

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My estimate is you could get rid of a lot of fat with liposuction alone but that does not mean you should do it. Without the fat to fill out the envelope of excessive skin I suspect you will be unhappy with the results of just an aggressive liposuction procedure.

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How Much Fat Can I Get Rid Of With Liposuction?

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You can get rid of a lot of fat with liposuction and it is fairly easy to go through under local tumescent anesthesia. A tummy tuck will give you a better result with removal of the fat and loose skin but is a bigger procedure with more risks and down time. Liposuction would remove a huge amount of fat from your abdomen in 1 procedure and a 2nd lipo procedure would be done for your arms and sides. Each would run about $6,000 on special and would sure complement your overall plan of dieting and exercising. Sincerely,

David Hansen,MD

David Hansen, MD
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You need a tummy tuck

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Dear Jolee

you don't say your age, and that will make a difference in  how skin shrinks with liposuction 

It seems that you have too much fat  and you have flabby skin with rolls

so you will not get a good result with liposuction alone,you need to tighten your skin and muscles and that is a tummy tuck

see a board certified plastic surgeon and he will tell you what is best for you  based on the condition of your skin and muscles ,the amount of fat and your age and health.

 I hope this was helpful


Liposuction will help. Also need weight loss. May consider tummy tuck

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Liposuction will reduce the subcutaneous fat (between the skin and muscle).  This is the fat that patients will often grab and shake up and down to demonstrate!  You also have a degree of skin laxity.  Some of this may improve with liposuction alone.  However, if you want the roll eliminated, you should consider a tummy tuck later or possibly at the same time if you lose some weight first.  This is a very common combination in my practice.  Of course, surgery is not a substitute for proper diet and exercise.  You will get the best result from also losing weight.  There are some examples of similar patients on my website (see reference).  We often treat the arms too.

Eric Swanson, MD
Kansas City Plastic Surgeon
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