Am I Suitable to Have Fat Injections for Hollow Under Eyes?

I had a CO2 Laser done on my face approximately 10 months ago. I had PIH which has mostly gone away. My problem now is that I have lost a lot of fat under my eyes and they have a hollow look to it now. I am considering fat injections. I have allergies so I get up with some puffiness in the mornings, but they go away in an hour or so. Am wondering whether I am still suitable for fat injection to the under eye area. Please help me with this. Thanks.

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Either Restylane or fat can work, but Restylane is more straightforward

I agree with Dr. Rand that Restylane is a very nice option in the tear troughs, for all of the reasons he described. One note of caution-- make sure you go to a surgeon who has done this procedure many times and is comfortable with the anatomy. This is not as simple as injections elsewhere on the face, and requires a particular kind of precision. That being said, if done properly, you will have a very nice result.

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Try Restylane

It is more common these days to use Restylane for the tear troughs because it is easier, requires no harvest, and doesn't have varaible survival issues as can happen with fat, nor is it weight loss and gain sensitive like the fat is. If you love what Restylane does for you, you could try fat but probably you will want to stick with the Restylane.

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