Is Fat Injections Recommended on Chin Augmentation?

I had a chin augmentation twice and it still not right. My doctor is not wanting to take it off and replace it b/c he states I can make things worse. He is wanting to use fat injections/fillers to correct what I dislike. Is this a good idea? what are the pros and cons?

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Fat injections to "fix" twice "not-right" chin implant?

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Frankly, it seems as if you and your surgeon are having either a communication problem (proper information not being shared in an understandable way--both expectations and goals as well as potential risks and limitations), or a listening problem (could be one of you, or both of you)!

Now, two operations later, you are still unhappy, and your surgeon is giving you advice you are questioning here on-line, where no one has had the benefit of either physical examination or hands-on experience with your exact anatomy in the operating room. What a fine kettle of fish we (you) have here!

You need to make sure you know what it is exactly you want to achieve, communicate that to your surgeon, and then you need to listen to your surgeon as he explains what can and cannot be done and how best to come as close as possible to your goals. I fear your unhappiness has figuratively "pushed him up against a wall" and his best advice may be now be either placation, or actually good advice that you have chosen to question. Sadly, you may well be right to question this advice if you're up for a third surgery with this same surgeon.

My gut tells me to have you see several other experienced ABPS-certified plastic surgeons and see what rings true and what sounds "bogus." I suspect the true answer lies somewhere in all the present confusion! Best wishes!

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