Fat Injections to Lips, I Look Like a Monster! What Can I Do To Look Normal Again?

Hello 3 weeks ago I had fat injections to my lips, and I look awful. My smile is tight and ugly, my lips curl inward and feel tight like a rubber band. My smile looks terrible! I look deformed when smiling. (I had this done along with rhinoplasty and a chin reduction.) Will my smile look normal again? If so how long does it take and can I do anything to help it along? Thank you so much, I appreciate your time and advice.

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Dramatic swelling after fat grafting or fat injections

Some patients, depending on exactly where the fat is injected, the swelling can be severe and last for many weeks. See your surgeon for follow-up and reassurance. Your doctor knows best what they did and how you should heal compared with other patients they have treated in the past.

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Fat grafting to the lips

Most likely you are still just swollen from the surgery.  As mentioned by Dr. Marin, most surgeons over graft to compensate for loss of fat with fat grafting, so likely a good portion of the fat placed in your lips with be resorbed.  You also had a rhinoplasty and chin reduction at the same time, and those surgeries can lead to significant swelling, as well as temporary changes in the way your mouth moves.  Give it time.

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Fat Injections to Lips, I Look Like a Monster! What Can I Do To Look Normal Again?

The swelling will reduce with time. Within a few days, most of the immediate swelling is gone. Survival is poor in lips and in some patients, majority of fat has resorbed within 2-3 months.

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Fat injection to the lips? Probably not a monster fo too much longer.

  Fat transfer is an increasing popular procedure but I am not sure that the hypermobile lips are the best place to put it.  You are certain to lose at least 50% of the grafted material in the first few months.  I agree that you should stay in touch with your doctor and to see what he or she advises.  Good luck.

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Fat Transfer Results

Fat transfer or fat grafting is all the rage these days and likely the future of much of plastic surgery.  However, take of the graft (or how much survives) is variable and normally 50% of the grafted fat will survive.  As a result, most surgeons "over-graft" or put more than ideal to get closer to their desired result once the patient is fully healed.  This can result in looking "over done" for a period of time and rarely an "over grafted" result.  Patience is key allowing the swelling and fat to settle. Keep in touch with your surgeon to closely follow you progress.

Best of luck

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