How to Avoid Hard Lumps After Fat Injections on Lips?

How can scar tissue, lumps, or hardening of lips from fat injections be avoided? Can this process be accurate, or are there too many variables or mistakes that can happen?

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Fat transfer: A variety of methods.

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You have posed this question very precisely which indicates your understanding of the complexity of this process. Despite claims by some practitioners, we still don't know the best method. Clearly, there are popular methods.

Issues to consider are:

  1. How to harvest: Syringe or Machine suction, sharp or dull cannulas, excision or aspiration.
  2. Shape of grafts: pearls, aspirate, pieces.
  3. Isolation techniques: Sieve, filter, gauze, gravity separation, centrifugation, washing
  4. Additives: Insulin, Dextrose, antibiotics, etc
  5. Method of insertion: implantation, injection (sharp versus blunt needle
  6. Volume placed: linear threading, depot

Depending on the techniques utlilzed above, some individuals claim a higher survival rate but this is an exceedingly difficult problem to study and physicians may be highly opinionated in this regard.

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Fat injection to lips

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Choose an experienced PS. The process should be accurate, fat is deposited in small pearls string in layers. Be on the conservative side even if you have to repeat the procedure.

Samir Shureih, MD
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