Can Fat Injections in Lip Be Removed?

I am 7 days out from receiving fat injections to my upper and lower lip. Top is much bigger. It is grossly overcorrected. They are so painful and hard and malformed. I just want my old thin lips again. When will they go back to normal? I can't go out in public. Doctor's office won't do anything. Any advice?

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Removal of fat injections after 7 days

I would wait for the swelling to decrease before rushing to judgement.  It is possible to remove the fat to make you more symmetrical but it needs to be physically removed which will further increase the swelling. Visit with a board certified plastic surgeon.

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Swollen lips after fat injections

It can take four or more weeks for the swelling to go down when lips are injected. Your doctor may wish to prescribe some medication to lessen the swelling, but they may have side effects. Many people who have had excellent results have significant swelling initially. If you can be patient to see the swelling go down, you may be very happy too. Follow up with your doctor frequently so they can guide you through the process.

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Fat transfer LIPS

It is a bit early to judge final outcome. Your doctor can prescribe a "water pill", an anti-inflammatory pill or a cortisone pill type of treatment to help with the swelling.  The excess fat , if any, can be decreased later on by injection with a cortisone shot at the transplanted fat site. Good luck !! 

Khaled El-Hoshy, MD
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