Can Fat Injections Be Frozen for Future Use?

If I have fat injection from my own neck and put in lips, can the fat be saved (frozen) for future treatments, if multiple injections are needed?

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Freezing fat for future use not a good idea

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First, it would have to be stored under blood bank guidelines.

Second, it will most definitely be injured from this process

Third, fat is easy to reharvest!

Santa Monica Plastic Surgeon

Fat cells are not easily preserved

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As easy as fat is to put on through weight gain, it is as easily destroyed when taken out of the body.

Fat cells are easily damaged and take extremely special precautions with media and refrigeration specifications that are generally not available in the traditional physician's office. Therefore, this is not a practical technique in everyday practice.

Otto Joseph Placik, MD
Chicago Plastic Surgeon
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Freezing Fat for later fat transfer

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Frozen Fat Transfer - Possible but not in your best interest
Freezing fat is not a standard procedure, is experimental, and and in short is not in your best interest. The reason is that as a rule, the longer the fat is outside your body the more of a chance there is of fat cell death, infection from contamination, and less chance of survival. The best chance for maximum fat survival is immediate fat transfer. Even then there is incomplete survival.

Remember there is Zeltiq CoolScultpting which essentially cools fat in your body externally to make fat cells die early. It therefore doesn't make sense that cooling fat will also increase the survival of fat. See a board certified plastic surgeon with experience in this technique

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