Can I Use Fat Injections or Fillers Like Juviderm to Plump Up the Ripples in my Breast Implant? (photo)

I have ripples near my breast bone due to a very thin skin and several surgeries to correct contracture. The implants are great except for the noticeable ripples on one side. Is there any way to hide them with fat or fillers?

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Rippling happens when there is a thin soft tissue coverage over the implant more commonly in the lower pole.  Fat injections are an alternative, but strattice may be another options but is a bit more invasive.

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Fat Injections For Saline Implant Rippling ??

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As you know the ripples are a direct result of your thin skin and having saline implants. Fat injections are an option but there is a risk of inadvertent rupture of the implants even though the injection needles are blunt-tipped. The other alternative is to switch out your implants  for silicone gel which is known to have less rippling problems.

Can I Use Fat Injections or Fillers to Plump Up Ripples in Breasts?A:

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I don't have any experience using fillers or fat to hide rippling.....but it makes me nervous and your skin is very thin....Im not sure you can get enough to hide that much rippling....Great question, though.....

John J. Corey, MD
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Fat injections can correct rippling after breast implants.

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With your history, I would not recommend an actual revision with Alloderm, which is the most common approach.  Fat injections are safe and, if well done, quite effective at hiding the rippling.

George J. Beraka, MD (retired)
Manhattan Plastic Surgeon

All implants ripple; they are more apparent in people with inadequate soft tissue cover

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-All implants ripple, saline more obviously than silicone


-The ripples you have are in a very common location near the chest wall.


-It is theoretically possible to do this, but I would not advise it. Either fat or filler would have to be injected, and the space between the skin and the wall of the implant is tiny. The risk of puncturing the implant would be quite high. You may also end up with lumpiness that is more noticeable than the rippling.


-Consider silicone implants if you have saline.


-Consider implants under the muscle if yours are on top of the muscle.


Good luck!

Barry Press, MD
San Jose Plastic Surgeon

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