Fat Injections/Fat Grafting? (photo)

I've posted my picture on this site before due to large divots under the my chin. The most consistant answer I've received has been I need fat injections/fat grafting. However, I've met with multiple surgeons in my area that are experts in fat transfer and they have all said that fat injections/grafting does not work well in the neck region. Escpecially under the chin as there is nothing for the fat to adhere to. If it can be done, how do I find a surgeon that does it?

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Fat graft to neck

Hello! Looking at your photo, it is unclear what is going on with the area around the chin crease inferiorly. Have you had prior procedures, fat graft or incisional work? Fat graft might not be ideal in your situation. Going with what a number of plastic surgeons who have seen you in person and who  have provided consistent advice makes the most sense!

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Fat Grafting to the Neck

     Fat grafting in those areas can be useful but the areas of adherence will have to be adequately freed to allow the fat into the areas.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

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Fat transfer for the face

Dear Mal,

  • Fat transfer can be placed in the chin between the muscle and skin, under the muscle, and it should survive between the tissues
  • It is just a matter if it is appropriate for you and that would be answered with a physical exam
  • Can they tighten the skin for you to get rid of the divots?

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