Does Fat from a Transfer Fall and Distort over Time?

I'm consulting several plastic surgeons. One is Board Certified in Dermotolgy and also in Plastic Surgery. this this credential key to a good selection? I want to fill in hollow spots on the face, lift one brow and fill in lines on both sides of the nose...the lip will have derm abrasion for the fine lines. Any problem?

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Fat injections and dermabrasion for lip lines

your plan of fat injections  for the face may work well but you may need a series of treatments for it to have enough cells live in the new area and provide a long term correction. Some patients do not tend to retain the cells for long. Dermabrasion can help with the upper lip lines but the lines, although better, may not go away completely because of the underlying muscle movement during speech and eating that makes the skin crease.

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Fat Transfer

Fat transfer to the face can yield marvelous results in the right patient and the right surgeon As for board certied plastic surgeon Make sure he/sh is board certified by the american board of plastic surgery, and not a self created plastic surgery board.

Fat transfer is superior and yield good results. It requires expertise and solid knowledge in the art of PLASTIC SURGERY.

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