Pillowing and Discoloration 5 Months After Fat Transfer Under Eyes

I had fat injections under eyes to fill out some hollowness 5 months ago. The right eye is pillowed and discolored and the swelling has not gone down much. Am I stuck with this? Is the tissue damaged & will it heal/flatten out? The picture shows the puffiness etc., but it is much more obvious in person. What can be done? I am starting to think I am screwed.

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Fat transfer to the lids

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this is the most sensitive area to fill with any filler. It requires a good experienced surgeon. The fat cells has to be small and injected deep in small amounts.

The puffiness is probably due to excess fat, may be some swelling.There is nothing that can disolve that fat selectively. Be carefull of claims of machines like themage(JUNK MEDICINE)

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Fat puffiness from injections under the eyes

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Do you have puffiness from living fat, or chronic swelling? You may need to see an oculoplastic surgeon for evaluation. Many procedures have risk, including doing surgical excision of some of the fat, liposuction with a small cannula, corticosteroid injections, Thermage. Make sure you know the significant risks with all the procedures before you agree to any treatment.

Ronald Shelton, MD
Manhattan Dermatologic Surgeon
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