How Can I be Guaranteed that a Fat Injection will Last?

Hello, I've read here in Realself that brazilian butt lifts are permanent after 6 months. However, I have a friend who had fat injected in her face and the results faded completely in 6 years. What happened? If the fat injected was still there after 6 months, so she should have kept it.

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Grafted fat after 6 years

The big question here is what your friend would have looked like today if she never had the fat grafting.  The fat she had grafted 6 years ago is likely still partially in her face and making up for normal loss of facial fat with aging.

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6 years from fat grafting is not terrible

6 years is not terrible. There are many lifts that are being marketed out there and I have heard and seen results that only last 6 months. 6 years is on the shorter side and you can get results that last 10 years or more. The average length of time that a face lift lasts is 8-10 years.  Not much more. Importantly, when I see those people at 8-10 years and they say it is time for another face lift, I can say that they could have  had something done 5 years ago.  I don’t think face lifts last as long as you think and you have to ask yourself is a face lift really what I want in the first place. Do I want a pulled and unnatural look?


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Fat injections depend on the experience of the surgeon.

Fat injections depend on the experience of the surgeon. If the fat is done by an experienced surgeon, the results will be better ( but not guaranteed). Also certain locations do better than others.

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Can a Fat Injection be Guaranteed to Last?

Unfortunately, there is no guarantee that fat grafts or injections (or just about anything else) will last for a lift time. Results may change due to aging, weight loss or weight gain, or the bodies response to the fat. If you are thinking about having a Brazilian Butt Lift, discuss with your surgeon what would would both do if the results do not last.

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Long term effects of buttock fat grafting

Fat grafting of the face and buttocks are very different.  With facial fat grafting, there are very small amounts utilized and there is an accepted rate that about 50% of what is injected will be expected to remain long term.  If your friend's results changed over the period of years, this is more likely secondary to natural aging changes / weight changes that will continue to occur with or without surgery.  Buttock fat grafting has a more reliable 'take' of the fat grafts, when done correctly with appropriate handling of the fat harvested, a higher percentage can be expected to remain permanently.  This fat will be subject to normal changes that occur with weight fluctuations and how a particular patient maintains themselves.  Overall, liposculpture and brazilian buttock fat grafting can offer a dramatic change in body shape and contour and permanent changes in the right patient.

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