Result of Fat Injections to Breasts

How long does it take for fat injections to the breasts to show the effects?

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Final breast size after Lipotransfer?

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Fat transfer or Lipotransfer to the breast has immediate results because the breast size is increased by the transferred fat.  However, final breast size will change due to:

  1. How much fat survives:  this largely depends on Doctor's technique
  2. How much the breasts actually swell due to water retention:  this largely depends on the patient's own unique body healing process.

In the initial period after Lipotransfer the breasts are swollen due to the procedure.  Fat cells form pemanent attachments within 3 days, but it takes a bit longer to lose the swelling due to water retention.

We recommend an evaluation at 3 months to confirm the success of the Lipotransfer.  In general, the size obtained at 3 months is the final breast size after Lipotransfer, with consideration for any weight gain or loss.

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The effects of breast augmentation to the breasts are immediate

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The breasts after fat grafting are enlarged immediately.  There is some change in the breast size over the next 3 months.  Some fat is reabsorbed after the procedure.  The amount depends on technique and each patients physiology.  Typically 50-80% of the fat survives and is permanent.

Results of fat injections to the breasts

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You may experience swelling for many weeks to months and I would advise you to await a full 3-4 months to assess the final effects of any one session of fat injections to the breasts.

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