Fat Injections over Aquamid?

I had Aquamid injection 2 years ago for smile lines. I had no complicaiton so far but regret the injection as I was not properly informed it was a permanent filler.

The smilie line looks bumpy due to the balance of natural aging of the cheek area. I want to have Fat Injections (fat transfer) for whole face. The aquamid injection area could overlap. Is it safe to have Fat Injections over the Aquamid?

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Far Transfer

I have injected some fat to soften the effect of permanent fillers with good success

Make sure the Plastic surgeon is experienced and qualified to do fat transfer to the entire face. That requires a lot of artistic touch.

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Aquamid and fat injections.

At the present time, Aquamid is not FDA approved in the USA and therefore the experience with this product is limited to non-approved injectors or strctly supervised clinical trial investigators. As such there is minimal to no information on the use of fat grafts and Aquamid. 

Otto Joseph Placik, MD
Chicago Plastic Surgeon
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