How to Remove Lumps After Cheek Fat Injections?

What is recommended for people with lumpiness in the cheeks after fat injections? Is there a tool that can be used to help massage the fat until it's smoothen out?

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Cheek Lumps After Fat Injection

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I would agree with Dr. Placik. The timing of the lumps is key to determining the appropriate treatment. If your lumpiness has occurred a long time after your initial injection, steroid injections, micro-liposuction, or direct surgical excision may be necessary to remove the lumps. In some cases, additional filler helps to smooth things out.

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Treating lumpiness after fat transfer to cheeks.

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Timing is very important in this regard.

If the lumpiness is in the first few weeks, that is to be expected and may be improved with time (3-4 months) and massage.

IF the lumpiness is present long term, it may be related to fat necrosis, cyst formation, and fibrosis (scarring). This may be a little more difficult to manage. Initially courses of steroid injections performed with low doses over multiple sessions may be useful. If unsuccessful, aspiration or excision may even be required.

Occasionally, ( I have observed this in one of my patients) pregnancy resulted in prominent growth of the transferred fat which markedly improved after subsequent weight loss.

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