Is Fat Injection in the Labia Majora Permanent?

Is fat injection in the labia majora permanent? Does it have a long recovery time (no sex, sitting)? Any major risks?

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Fat transfer to the labia majora is permanent

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More often the situation, the labia majora and mons will be excessively fatty and we see request for liposuction often. For some there will be too little fat and a thin or bony contour. Fat transfer to the area is possible and well handled fat is viable and permanent. It may take two 'layers' to get the result you are looking for, though is is possible to do with a local approach, and little down time.

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Fat transfer

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Fat transfer rquire expertise in harvesting the fat and preparing it the transfering small pearls of fat. if all the required procedures are followed, one should expect most of the fat to "take" and stay.

Some fat absorption is expected. The final  result may require more than one session. because of the vascularity of the area where fat is being transfered care should be taken, with least amount of trauma and transfering the fat with a blunt multi hole canula.

There is significant swelling and bruising that can last for three to six weeks. Lumpiness is seen frequently if large volumes are injected at once. Post operative care is very important. where and how much fat is injected is important, that is why a multi session is required. Once fat takes it will stay for long time( nothing in life is permanent).

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Fat Injection to the Labia Majora, Is it Permanent?

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This is a great question as fat has allowed us as surgeons to do so much more for patients. Initially vaginal rejuvenation was limited to treatment of the labia minora and patients were extremely happy with the results. However this does not address the issue of the labia majora especially in patients that are older or after pregnancy.

The fat allows your surgeon to replace the fat that is lost in that area giving you a more natural and youthful appearance. The benefit of fat is that is your own natural tissue. No foreign material has to be injected for the augmentation. The fat will also last for years to come. Many patients also see that after the fat injection they have an improvement in their skin quality in the area.

There will be some resorption of the fat initially (about 30%) but what is still present at three months will be there for years to come. The fat becomes just like fat in any other part of your body. As we age we slowly lose fat throughout our body and the same is true for the fat that is transferred. The majority of the patients enjoy the results of their fat transfer for years to come.

It is important to discuss this with your board certified plastic surgeon.

Labia majora fat grafting - Los Angeles

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We have had genuinely good results with labia majora fat grafting. Downtime varies on the amount of fat transferred. Results are very positive. Raffy Karamanoukian Los Angeles

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