Will Fat Injection Help with Depth on the Belly Button? (photo)

I appreciate all the answers I received from my first question about how to improve the shape/depth on my BB after full TT back in June 2013, most agree that I should wait at least 6 months and then find options for a revision, however when discussing this with my PS he suggested fat injection and that this will help a little bit with depth. What are your opinions about this, is it a good option? Will a BB revision involve opening the TT scar if not going with fat injections. Feeling very sad.

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If you do a new umbilicus utilizing your same tissue and eliminating the red scar you win twice

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and  besides  you might do a fat transplantation in order to improve the belly button depht those  are small procedures done at office and you wont need to reopen the lower TT

Mexico Plastic Surgeon

Fat grafting

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Your belly button is quite shallow and scarred. I do not believe fat grafting will result in any significant improvement. This is just my opinion.

Fat injection may help the depth of the flatten umbilicus.

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I've never used fat injections for your particular problem but I think it's plausible. Or commonly a revision of the umbilicus can be performed under local anesthesia that will advance the abdominal wall skin and create a deeper and more attractive umbilicus.

Bellybutton reconstruction

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I don't think fat injection is the answer. I think that would just make a bulge around the belly button. I've dealt with problems like this before. I haven't been able to make them perfect but I've made them better. What I've done is to reconstruct the bellybutton by decreasing the diameter of the umbilicus and excising portions of the umbilical scar to shape the scar like a cup creating depth to the umbilicus.

Belly Button and Tummy Tuck

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Certainly waiting at least 6 months if not longer is the first thing. It's difficult to be patient but very important in a case like this to let all the scar tissue soften and mature. In my experience it is unlikely that a fat grafting procedure by itself will do much. A revision of the belly button will more likely deliver the results you are looking for but at this early point it's difficult to say what the best thing to do is. Hope this helps! Don't be sad - be positive and optimistic! Good luck!

Will Fat Injection Help with Depth on the Belly Button?

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An in person exam will offer more useful advice than on line opinions for this one. I concour that waiting until 6 months has passed in good counsel. I am not convinced that fat injections will help much as the primary procedure. My inclination would be to use a pursestring suture around the navel to draw in full thickness of abdominal skin and fat, and accentuate the depth of the navel. 

At any rate, allow a few more months to pass. All the best. 

Jourdan Gottlieb, MD
Seattle Plastic Surgeon

Belly button revision

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I think your belly button should be made a little smaller and fat would be great to inject around it to create depth.It may require more than one session.

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