Is Fat Injection a Good Treatment for a Depressed Facial Scar?

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Fat Injections Might Help Depressed Scars.

Every scar is unique in its anatomic location, thickness, density of the surrounding tissue and pigmentation.  Therefore, every treatment for scar improvement is unique as well.  Fat injection will be beneficial if the tissue surrounding it is not too tight and allows the fat to stretch the depressed scar.  Sometimes a scar revision can be done in which the tight tissue fibers are released allowing the scar to stretch.  A photograph of your scar would be helpful.

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Depressed facial scars may be helped by fat injection or surgery

Without a photo it is difficult to say whether fat injections would be indicated to help a depressed facial scar.  Also, only an exam will tell the plastic surgeon whether the underlying scar tissue is supple, or whether there is tethering to the underlying musculature.  Fat injection has its limitations.  It can't be injected into dense scar tissue and be expected to fill the depression with a nice result.  It can't release muscles which pucker the skin during animation by pulling through tethered scar tissue.  It can't make a wide scar more narrow.  A scar revision may be necessary, which can potentially remove excess scar tissue, release any muscle tethering, pull in adjacent tissue to fill the depression, and make a wide scar more narrow.  Fat injection can't do those things.

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Fat injections can improve depressed scars

Depending on the shape, size and depth, a scar may be improved by fat injection, with and without subcision.  Smaller scars would do better with Restylane or Juvederm.  Subcision is needed to lift up the bound down scars otherwise a filler wouldn't help and could make it worse as it spreads to the adjacent skin and compounds an elevation of normal tissue in contrast to the now even deeper appearing depression.

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Fat injections and Depressed Facial Scars

There are no absolutes ("always", "never" etc) in Plastic surgery. A successful treatment would depend on a physical exam followed by making the right diagnosis and treatment plan. In general, no other factors to the contrary, a depressed scar may be raised by dividing the scar fibers pulling the skin down and placing fat or another filler in that space to both raise the scar and prevent scar fiber reattachment.

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