Fat Injection to Fix Atrophic Scar on Face Did Not Work Well, What Can I Do?

I have an unilateral atrophic scar on the face due to trauma years ago.I recently undergone liposuction in the ab area to graft fat for injection into depressed area on face. its been 2 wks post opt-swelling went down alot!but injected fat area are more noticeable now.It looks like the fat was place below instead of into the scar site. the scar look worse now than before.its apparent there is a lump on my face-there is also a shawdow (not bruise) at the scar site now. advice or tx options please

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Fat injection for an atrophic scar???

First two weeks is early from the standpoint of evaluating a procedure.

The real issue is whether fat injection is the best approach.  A photograph of the scar would definitely be helpful.  If there is a depression, you may benefit by a scar revision in which the actual scar is de epithelialized (the top layer is removed) and it acts as a platform on which the tissues on either side are advanced over the original scar to create more bulk.  This method uses tissue which come with their own blood supply so what you see is truly what you get.  This is typically performed with local anesthesia.

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Options for scar filling

Fat transfer can work nicely for large volume filling in the face. Scars such as the one you indicate may do better with Silicone Microdroplet therapy. The silicone prompts your body to wrap collagen around the droplets, much as an oyster creates a pearl around a grain of sand. If you wish to check out your options, make sure you choose someone who has extensive experience with it.

Barry Resnik, MD
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2 weeks post-op

Two weeks post surgery is still very early for you to judge the results of your surgery - be patient and follow up with your surgeon.  Because some scars are tight and don't lift up with swelling as much as normal tissue, they often look worse when the tissue around them is swollen.

Sam Naficy, MD, FACS
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Not satisfied with facial fat injections at 2 weeks

At 2 weeks you are still very swollen and early in the healing process so that the results of your fat injections can't be well assessed. Expect that It may be 4 - 6 months in order for you to be able to better evaluate the success of the injections. It is quite common to require more fat injections in order for you to obtain a reasonable result.

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Tincture of time

Fat grafting is an excellent procedure and possibly  the best approach to the problem that you had.  The face is very swollen after fat grafting and it is not unexpected to have more edema inferior to the graft site.  Again, this is likely fluid, not fat.  You need to be patient for at least 6 months to know your result.  A second or even third re-grafting in not uncommon.

Mark D. Wigod, MD
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