Buttocks Enhancement with Tailbone Curved In?

How feasible would having fat injections in my buttocks be considering my tailbone is curved in and I have a "flat-appearing" behind?

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Brazilian Butt Lift for flat buttocks

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Thanks for the question.

It is difficult from the picture to determine how much fat would be needed to correct your contour. Brazilian Butt Lift (liposuction with fat transfer) is a very effective technique in improving the shape of the buttocks. It also has the advantage of improving the shape of your abdomen, thighs or other parts of your body that may have extra fat you'd like to see removed.

The procedure is performed through very small incisions and is typically done on an outpatient basis.

Be sure to find a board certified plastic surgeon with experience in this technique.
Make sure they show you pictures of previous patients (before, immediate post-op, several months post-op) and spend the time to carefully analyze your shape and body contour to develop a plan for you.

I hope this helps.

Tail bone naturally curves in

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Blue Eyes,

Not a great picture to evaluate your tail bone issue, but it may be a moot point. Everyone's tailbone naturally curves in. This certainly does not exclude you from being a candidate for buttock enhancement with fat injection. The picture does have some redemption in showing that you do have enough fat in the midsection for harvesting.

Of course, other factors would need to be evaluated before a final determination about your qualifications for surgery could be made. See your board certified plastic surgeon for a full consultation. Good luck!

Buttock augmentation may help tailbone area

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Buttock augmentation can be performed using either implants or autologous fat grafting. This may help the area of the "tailbone" that you are complaining about.

Fat grafting is a very popular technique

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Fat grafting is becoming the preferred techinque for augmentation of the buttock. The benefit of this procedure is two folds: liposuction of different body areas as well as volume augmentation of the buttock. Fat grafting will greatly improve the flat appearance that you do not like. Hope that helps!

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