Can Fat Injected in to the Face Start to Disburse As Early As 2 Weeks?

I had fat injected into my face,when the swelling started to go down around 12 days I noticed a crease below my left eye top of cheek, it looks like the surgeon missed that area, it got worse the more the swelling went down. I have always been told fat takes approx 6 months to disburse? the rest of my face forehead, right cheek etc looks ok.

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Asymmetry after fat injection

You may need to have additional fat injected into that area.  Minor touch-ups are at times required after fat grafting.  

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Fat Transfer

Yes it can be just a matter of having more fat placed. It is important to follow a precise plan for the placement to assure symmetry and the desire effect.

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Fat Transfer Post Operative Course

After fat transfer you really do not know where you are till about 4 months.  Of all fat transferred, 50% will not survive.  The rest does fine.  This is a general guideline and the % may vary widely.  At two weeks you are losing swelling mostly and not fat yet.  I tell patients fat transfer is not a single procedure but a process of multiple procedure.  The number varies from patient to patient.  Fat transfer is wonderful but it is far far from an exact science.   Some always survives but regardless of the technique it is often a series of treatments.  Best  Dr Commons

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