Will Fat Injected Under Eyes Help with Bulging Appearance?

i have REALLY big eyes, they balj out of my socket, can i have fat injected in my upper cheeks so that that whole area is flat and if there is any bump just under the eye it should very be minimal $only show when i smile. thankyou

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Bulging eye

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As many of my collegues have commented, this may be due to high thyorid hormone levels.  You need to have this checked out. There are two options. The first one involves removing fat from and around your eye globe.This is fat inside your socket where your globe is resting. The other would be judicious use of fat to smoothen the transition from lower lid to cheek area.

Fat grafting to the Cheek below the Eyes

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I agree with both my colleagues. The reason for bulging eyes may be anatomical (smaller than normal eye socket) or medical. Processes such as hyperthyroidism (or taking too much thyroid hormone) can be associated with increase of the size of the eyeball muscles resulting in it being pushed forward. This condition may be fixable by controlling the thyroid hormone levels.

The Tear Trough / Nasojugal line / lower lid-cheek junction can be augmented with Restylane or fat. The good thing about fat is that it is permanent. One of the bad things about fat is that it is permanent. If you do not like the result - you are still stuck with it. For this reason it may be better to see how you may like the look by using Restylane first in this location. If you like it, great. Once the Restylane goes away 8-12 months you can have your fat grafting. If you do not like the look, the Restylane can either be dissolved by the doctor or you can wait for it to wear off.

Peter A. Aldea, MD
Memphis Plastic Surgeon

Try a filler to tear trough and lower eyelid bulge prior to undergoing fat injection

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It is possible that fat may soften the appearance of the lower eyelid bulges by providing a gentle transition to the cheek fat making them seem flush with the cheeks rather than a discreet bulge. Prior to injectiing fat, I would suggest a hyaluronic filler to determine if you like the result of this intervention. If you do, then fat may be a long term option and if you don't it will dissipate with few if any side effects.

Otto Joseph Placik, MD
Chicago Plastic Surgeon
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Bulging eyes

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AFter you have a general check up to make sure your thyroid levels are ok, you can see a plastic or oculoplastic surgeon to discuss the best treatment. You have a good thought, and some filler judiciously can blunt the angle a little between the cheek and lower eyelid, but if you make it smooth, you would look unnaturally full in that area.

Ronald Shelton, MD
Manhattan Dermatologic Surgeon
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