How much fat (in cc's) removed?

My doc told me that I had 4000 cc's of fat removed (that's fat, not fat plus lidocaine solution).  He measured it after it had separated in the container that it was suctioned into.  I had my upper and lower abs, public region, and flanks basically my entire mid-section. I'm thinking that sounds like A LOT!  It's 4 liters so I'm picturing two of those 2-liter soda bottles.  Obviously, I'm pleased with this but I'm wondering if this amount is typical?  Also, I know that people don't really associate this with weight loss but I'm down 4-5 lbs depending on time of day I weigh myself, I started at 165 lbs. Looking forward to hearing your feedback!

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Weight and fat removal

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Early post-op, patients retain a lot of fluid and it takes several weeks for that fluid to be resorbed.  In addition, activity level is also diminished. You should give yourself a few months before seeing a weight change.

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