Where else Can Fat Be Harvested for Brazilian Butt Lift?

When you get a Brazilian Butt Lift, can you get the fat from additional areas such as arms, face, legs etc?

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Fat can be harvested from many area's...

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Excess, unwanted fat is harvested from the patient’s flank, lumbar region, and occasionally the upper thighs using liposuction techniques. This part of the procedure not only provides the fat necessary for later injection, but also allows the plastic surgeon to sculpt and contour a beautiful silhouette around the buttocks. Before the actual surgery, your surgeon will determine the optimal site from which to harvest fat, taking into consideration the patient’s stature, current shape, and desires.

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Fat can be harvested from many sites on the body

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The first stage in a Brazilian Butt lift is to perform liposuction for the collection of the fat. This is typically done in the trunk which includes the abdomen, hips, lower back, and the waist. Patients benefit from having a tight waist and shapely hips and back. However, it is very common for my patients to request liposuction of areas at the same time. We have performed liposuction of the arms, the area under the chin, and the legs for this procedure.

Keep in mind that to have a significant and dramatic change in the butt it is all about fat volume. Although these other sites may have a little bit of fat you most commonly will find the largest reserves of fat in and around the abdomen.

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Fat sources fo Brazilian Butt Lift

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The fat which is transferred to your buttocks can come from anywhere on your body. And, that is the one restriction is that it must come from you. But, if it is taken from other body parts and not around the waistline areas (abdomen, waist and flank regions) it is not considered a "Brazilian" buttocks lift, it is just called Fat Grafting.

I frequently remove fat from other areas of the body in addition to the waistline, but to do it without removing fat from the waistline would not be as dramatic. It is the proportionate change of slimming your waistline and enlarging your buttocks that is so dramatic!

Just enlarging your buttocks with fat from other areas will definitely work if done well, and is still much safer and more natural than buttocks implants, but just not as dramatic as the true Brazilian.

Fat harvesting areas for Brazilian Butt Lift

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Ideally, it would best be coming from the lower back just above the buttocks as the fat is similar in nature to that in the buttocks and you will not have to have other areas harvested for fat (IE less turning of the patient, less areas of discomfort, faster procedure). But, if you do not have enough, your surgeon will need to plan your procedure as a series of fat harvesting sites AFTER WHICH the processed fat will be transferred to the buttocks.

I hope this was helpful.

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Fat availability for Brazilian Butt Lift

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Hi there-

For the purposes of achieving the best outcome from Brazilian Butt Lift surgery, the only requirement is that the fat be healthy and that there be enough of it.

I have successfully grafted fat from the posterior arms, the abdomen, the hips, and the thighs. While fat from under the chin would theoretically be possible to use, there is usually a very small amount of fat present in this location.

It's best, in other words, to harvest as much fat as you can, from as many places as necessary in order to graft a sufficient volume to the buttocks for achievement of your goal.

I hope that helps you- good luck on your new behind!

Midsection, hips and thighs

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Generally, fat can be transferred from areas that are prone to excess fat deposits. These include the midsection, hips and thighs.

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