Fat Graphting or Injections AFTER Implants Inserted to Improve Appearance?

My PS discussed possibly doing fat graphting after putting in my implants to aquire a more natural look on my chest and to hide any rippling or implant crease. Is this safe in small doses? Thank you. This is a wonderful website I have learned so much. Thank you to all the doctors who respond to posts!

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Ripple Relief

There are a variety of options used to obscure visible rippling that vary from implantation of acellular dermal matrix (ADM), exchange to silicone, fat grafting, and Sculptra injections. All have their advantages, costs, and disadvantages. None is ideal and right for every patient. Discuss these with your PS and their experience with this.

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Fat grafting should be necessary ONLY VERY RARELY after breast augmentation.


It is safe, but when breast augmentation is well done, this should hardly ever be necessary.  I would worry about a surgeon who needs to do this often.

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Fat grafting with breast augmentation

I do not find it necessary to perform fat grafting at the time of the primary surgery. It is more common to use it in revision cases to correct the irregularities you described unless you have significant asymmetries or congenital deformities. 


Good luck

Fat Grafting and Implants for Breast Augmentation

Breast implants are great for augmenting the breast but are at times limited in enabling a surgeon to shape the breast.  Thus, we will perform breast lifts in patients at the same time as breast augmentations with implants in order to better shape the breasts.  Similarly, performing breast augmentation with an implant along with fat grafting is not an unheard of procedure although it is infrequent.  I will perform this combination if a patient has a chest wall asymmetry or deformity.  These deformities can be improved with fat grafting, and breast implants will not correct these contour defects by themselves.  Moreover, one of the pioneers in breast augmentation with fat grafting (Dr. Daniel Del Vecchio)  recently gave a talk entitled "The Bilamellar Approach to Breast Augmentation-Combining Implants with Autologous Fat Grafting", which demonstrates that this is a concept that is actively pursued by some members of the Plastic Surgery community.  Although not everyone in Plastic Surgery is in agreement with this combination, it is a useful combination that is being performed.  Best wishes in achieving your goals.

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Fat grafting during breast augmentation

Unless there is some condition that you aren't describing, there is no reason to perform fat grafting at the time of a primary breast augment.  Discuss implant placement with your plastic surgeon in terms of mitigating rippling or creasing. 

Robert L. Kraft, MD, FACS
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