In Need of Fat Grafting After Bad Liposuction: Can I Ask Original Doc for a Refund?

I had smartlipo almost three years ago. I have a dent in my upper arm, pain, and a puff of fat at the top that looks ridiculous. My abs are bumpy like cellulite. This doctor said I am crazy and have 'body dismorphic disorder' which is ridiculous! I have since visited two board certified PS who specialize in liposuction. Both agree that I need fat graphing and more lipo to smooth out the arm puff. This will cost nearly $8,000. Now that I have this information, how do confront the first doc?

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Fat injections after liposuction

If there are many areas of irregularities after the Smart lipo to make it look like cellulite it might be difficult, if not imposiible, to make it smooth. Some fat grafts may work in some areas and others may need several treatments but you will probably still be uneven to some degree.  Be careful not to develop overcorrection and lumpiness more from the corrective procedure.  It seems like a very expensive price to have fat injections and then not to be happy with that result! Possibly try one small area as a "test" at a nominal cost to see how your body responds before having the whole area done.  Indentations are a known risk of liposuction and it is doubtful that the original surgeon would refund any  price. If the original surgeon agrees that there is a situation that can benefit from corrective surgery, some surgeons do not charge a provider fee but may charge a facility fee to cover the cost of the supplies and staff.

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In Need of Fat Grafting After Bad Liposuction: Can I Ask Original Doc for a Refund?

You can try BUT 3 years after the operation, very hard to justify giving you a refund of any amount. Sorry. 

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