Will a Fat Grafting to the Tear Trough be effected by Bulking Exercise

If I start exercising and bulking up (developing , gaining muscle) after fat grafting to the tear trough will the change of my bodyweight be visible under my eyes also? Can I go to the gym and build muscle without having any consequences after a fat grafting under my eyes? Yours Sincerely, Pedro

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Will bulking exercised affect fat grafts to the face?

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To begin with, fat grafting is inconsistent. However, if you have had a good "take" of the grafts and the resulting grafts have remained in place and in volume, then the only thing that will affect theiir bulk is whether you gain or loss fat in the area that "donated" your grafts. If you gain fat in that area, then the grafts will also gain weight and conversely so with weight loss. Generally bulking up will make you leaner, and the grafts will diminish. However, if you bulk up and don't get too "cut." the grafts should be OK.

E. Ronald Finger, MD, FACS

Fat grafting in the tear trough and growth with body building / weight changes

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With body building you have changes in your fat production and metabolism. It depends how fit you are. If you have a lot of changes the percentage of fat in your body it could affect how much changes the fat in your face will undergo. I think with changes of the fat percentage in your body you will have changes in your face. But the changes within the face will be blunted to a degree as in contrast with the changes with the rest of the body.

Philip Young, MD
Bellevue Facial Plastic Surgeon

Changes to a fat graft with body building

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If we assume that the fat grafted area is stable and has healed properly - which takes about 3 months - then the only way you would have a change in the fat graft is if you change your overall body fat percentage.

If you diet down to a very low body fat percentage, you may lose some of the grafted area...

If you increase the overall body fat percentage, the fat graft may grow.

However, pure muscle building would not change the size of the fat graft.

Fat grafting around you eyes and exercise

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This is a great question, first off you should not do vigerous exercise  for a least four weeeks after you have fat grafting. Secondly, If the graft takes and it was taken from a area that fluctuates with weight gain and in your case weight loss, then there is a possibility of your grafted fat contracting, thereby diminishing your result. Musclebuilding will have NO impact on your fat graft. Only a significant decrease in your body fat content could affect this.

Charles Virden, MD
Reno Plastic Surgeon
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