Is Fat Grafting to the Eyes, Temporary?

Well I found out information on one page that "depending on the area effect can be expected for 6-24 months" which upset me as I'm looking for permanent result around eyes. Is fat injection always permanent and it's just misunderstaning (as 50-80% stays I've heard) or I missed something?

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Fat transfer to the eyes

I think one important thing to understand his that nothing is permanent.  Even a very successful fat transfer will fade with regards to its results as you age.  This is particularly true for women who are perimenopausal.
In any case, the most important thing is that the fat transfer is performed with sound technique and appropriately prepared fat.  The idea that around 50% of the fat goes away during the healing process is generally true.  No doctor can tell you exactly what their survival rate is because they truly don't know this exact number.  However, in experienced fat transfer specialist/surgeon can show U lots of evidence of their work and give you a clear understanding of what the processes like and what you can expect with regards to results.  In some cases the results of fat transfer become somewhat difficult to see as the months and years past.  However, in most of these cases the patient's clearly look improved but it is a global improvement.

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Is Fat Transfer to the Eyes Permanent?

What makes fat transfer to the lower eyelid region so successful is the fact that there is not a lot of mobility to that area, allowing transplanted fat to stay and gain oxygen and nutrients.  The important part of fat transfer to the lower eyelids is to be very conservative and to place the fat in the correct area.  Otherwise, one can see the fat through the skin and it looks very un-natural.  You have to realize that more times than not, the first sign of facial aging is loss of fat volume to the face giving a hollow and sunken appearance.
Overall, there is no better place in the face to transfer fat than to the tear trough region.

Roberto E. Garcia, MD, FACS
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Is Fat Grafting to the eyes temporary?

The results of fat grafting can be permanent. Which can be great if the results are beautiful and natural, and awful if the results are unnatural looking. 
At one time, facelifts tended to have an unnatural, windswept look. There are still some of this procedures today unfortunately, but the new awful trend is surgeons who tend to overfill faces and give people an unnatural look.
My approach to fat grafting is to provide a conservative, natural looking result. In some cases, this may mean that people may require a touch up if some fat is reabsorbed. 
I often ask patients to bring photos of themselves from years past so I can see the aging process that has taken place.
Fat grafting is a procedure that requires meticulous detail, extreme patience on the part of the surgeon and a great deal of talent and experience. The results can be absolutely beautiful, but be careful when choosing your plastic surgeon. take your time and look for lots and lots of before and after photos as part of your research. 

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Fat grafting temporary

Hello and thank you for your question.
Fat grafting to the tear troughs should potentially be permanent assuming the graft survives. Usually, 40-60% of a fat graft survives, so that is what you might be getting confused about. I recommend that you see a board certified plastic surgeon in consultation to get more specific answers to your questions which can best be addressed after a thorough history and examination is performed.
Best of luck to you!

David L. Cangello, MD, FACS
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