Should Fat Grafting with Stem Cells in Face Stay in Place if I Start Sleeping on my Side? (photo)

I had fat grafting with stem cells to my lips and face one week ago. I have been trying, unsuccessfully, to sleep on my back and have awoken to find myself on my side at times. I'm concerned that the fat will shift, it already feels like it has somewhat on one cheek. Also, how long should I avoid talking to keep as much fat in lips and around mouth as possible? Thanks so much!

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Fat Grafting

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All fat grafting contains a lot of stem cells. However to isolate stem cells require a major cell laboratory, a cell biologist and highly sophisticated equipment. Some physicians claim they do stem cell transplant or enrich fat with stem cells, this is not true. These are claims made to attract patients only. Highly sophisticated labs and major universities with biology labs have done that but is not available commercially. As for the fat transfer you had by now it is stable and will not move very easily, so sleep comfortably. For fat graft to stay in the lips one needs to not excessively move the mouth muscle for two to six weeks. Looking at the picture posted you are now swollen, which will gradually resolve over the next three weeks. Final results are near final at three months. It looks that you need more fat in the cheeks to round the face.

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Should Fat Grafting with Stem Cells in Face Stay in Place if I Start Sleeping on my Side?

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       The fat grafts should be treated very carefully during the first six weeks to maximize survival of the grafts.  To the extent possible, pressure to the areas grafted should be avoided to maximize fat take.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

Fat transfer for the face

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Dear 1mauigirl,

  1. The look of your fat transfer will be changing for the first few weeks as the swelling comes down
  2. You should try to sleep on your back, even without surgery because this will keep you looking the youngest for as long as possible
  3. Usually at least a couple of weeks of limited mouth motion will help keep the fat

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