What Are The Risks Of Fat Grafting or Silicone Implants?

I am schedule to have my BA on march 29th and I'm starting to have doubts and scared especially from everything I have read that could go wrong. I know you can always have your implants out but I don't want my breast looking worse. I just started looking into fat grafting and it seems safer. I only want to go up one cup size and would like more fullness in the top part of my breast. I'm having the BA done since I have lost volume from losing weight and having a breast reduction, so confused.

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Fat injections or implants for breast augmentation

Fat grafting is being used by some surgeons usually in combination with the BRAVA system to increase vascularity and hopefully "take" of the fat. In general, implants are more reliable to achieve the final volume you desire in one procedure.  Not all fat takes and may evenutally need to be repeated.

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What Are The Risks Of Fat Grafting or Silicone Implants?

Since I am not prepared to write the essay required to answer this, I will pass the question to your surgeon--you should arrange a preop visit --if you have   already had one you need another.

Fat grafting can be useful, but you need to have enough fat to harvest, and many patients considering this modality do not. For a one cup increase in size, your surgeon will need about 750 cc of injectable fat, since the take is always less than 100%, and is somewhat unpredicatable. 

Each (implants vs fat grafting) has its own pros and cons, and it is not clear that one is particularly safer. But do discuss this with your surgeon before the day of surgery. 

All the best. 

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What Are The Risks Of Fat Grafting or Silicone Implants?

All surgery has risk, consult PS, and if you need fat grafts or silicone implants, it is one action  according what you need.


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Todas ;las cirugias tienen sus riesgos, consulte al CP, y si usted necesita injerto graso o implantes de silicona, se vera de acuerdo a lo que usted necesite.

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Fat Grafting or Silicone Implants

    Everything in plastic surgery has advantages and disadvantages.  Although most plastic surgeons would recommend breast implants as the most effective means of achieving good results for breast augmentation, fat grafting is a reasonable alternative for one cup size increases.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

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Breast Augmentation with Your Own Fat: Does it Work?

Breast augmentation procedures have evolved over the last few years and a small percentage of patients may be candidates for augmentation with their own fat.  Liposuction of other body areas can be performed, and the fat can be injected into the breasts to add volume. 

As great as that option sounds, there are some reasons why it has not been offered to more patients.  First, a good amount  of fat must be present on the tummy and/or thighs.  The patient best would have a "pear shape" to be an ideal candidate.   Second, only a percentage of the fat which is injected tends to stay long term.  If a patient loses weight, the breast will get notably smaller....a drawback to the the technique.  Finally, the injected fat can calcify in the breast to some degree, making future mammograms more difficult to interpret. 

For these and other reasons, I recommend breast implants for patients wanting augmentation.  The current generation of implants are safe, soft, reliable, and can lead to beautiful outcomes.  See some examples of silicone gel augmentation on our website.  These are happy patients!

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Questions about gel implant safety

Fat grafting can be an option for women who are looking for a moderate increase in breast size but it is not a reliable as a breast implant. If you are having questions about the safety of a gel implant discuss your concerns with your plastic surgeon.  You can also find useful information at FDA.gov and breastimplantsafety.org

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What Are The Risks Of Fat Grafting or Silicone Implants?

This is a good and important question and we spend 30-45- minutes with each patient in the office going over the answer, so we can't answer that in a few words here. Get a consultation and your doctor will give you the information you want.

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Fat Grafting vs. Implants

There are pros and cons with each.  Implants give predictable , symmetrical upper pole fullness you seem to be looking for; however, rupture & capsular contracture are always possible.  Fat grafts can absorb and cause assymetry or form fat necrosis or calcifications that may look suspicious on mammograms, leading to biopsies.  Hope this helps. 

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Fat injection to the bre

Autologous Fat Transfer to the breasts is a great option for many patients. Best candidates are patients who have some breast tissue (a B cup to start) and wish to have a modest (not more than one cup) size increase. You need to be evaluated and risks assessed. For example I don't do AFT on patients with history of breast cancer or mammogram abnormalities. Best of luck. 

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Implants or fat grafting for breasts

There are situations where implants or fat injections are good for breasts. It really depends on your examination. If you are having second thoughts, you need to speak to your surgeon. You may want to ask him abotu fat injections, but many plastic surgeons are nopt comfortable doing this, so if you really want a true opinion, you may want to see a plastic surgeon who does both procedures. Unfortunately, you are running out of time before yoru surgery. if you are really having second thoughts, you may even consider postponing yoru surgery - but make sure you know your surgeon's cancellation or postponement policy!

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