Fat Grafting Procedure for Butt

Will the fat have a better success rate of living if it is applied under the buttock muscles?

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Butt Fat Grafting (Brazilian Butt Lift)

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There is no doubt that the fat placed in heavily vascularized (blood vessel rich) areas such as muscle, have a greater rate of survival and take. However, the gluteus maximus muscles takes up only a small portion of the convexity of the buttock dome and the rest is fat. To obtain an attractive hemi-spherical round look fat need to be placed everywhere and cannot be limited only to the muscle only.

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Dr. P. Aldea

Memphis Plastic Surgeon

Fat Transfer and muscle

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For fat to survive you need several conditions;

1- Live tissue to be injected - avoid macjine liposuction material, avoid ultrasonic fat for injection. Use Viafill system for harvest and injection.

2-Small pearls of fat get better blood supply when injected. Viafill again!

3- Great blood supply in the tissues. Muscle is best, thus injecting into the muscle should also do great.

Robert M. Freund, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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Muscle placement of fat

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Fat graft into the muscle as best one can is advantageous.  The muscle is has great blood supply that can help the transferred fat survive. All the fat can not be placed in the muscle some of it must be placed above the muscle to produce the desired shape.

Fat injections into the Buttocks Muscle

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There are many factors that can affect the survival of the fat. From the different liposuction machines that are used, to the different techniques of fat preparation that varies from surgeon to surgeon, where the fat is injected, how much fat is injected, as well as what You, as the patient, do afterwards. I believe it is pretty unanimous that fat grafted into the muscle will likely have a higher survival rate than that which is injected into the fat. But there is a very limited amount that can be injected there.

This procedure is gaining popularity rapidly. I have performed this procedure since 1998 and have watched as the results have gotten better and better. I think the quality of the result you receive is a combination of all of the above factors.

Choose your surgeon according to whom you are most comfortable with and who you feel can give you the best results. I would suggest being sure you look at various surgeons before and after pictures of Brazilian Butt Lift patients. Be sure that you see a significant change/improvement of the buttocks size and shape, not just a slimmer waistline.

Daniel P. Markmann, MD
Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

Brazilain butt enhancement

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Fat graft success is dependant on the preparation of fat and the experience of the surgeon.

Fat is injected in layers starting in the muscle and going up into subdermal area for a good result. Fat grafting to the buttocks is an art and a science.

Samir Shureih, MD
Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

Brazilian butt lift and sculpting of thighs

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I agree with the other board certified plastic surgeons that the best location for fat transfer to the buttock is in the muscle however care must be taken to position the fat so as to give the buttock the best "look." I like to sculpt the lateral thigh and inner thigh areas with Slim Lipo so as to emphasize the roundness of the buttock. The skin tightening aspect of the Slim Lipo helps in reshaping the buttock area.

In addition the triangle above the buttock can be thinned with Slim Lipo as well. The placement of the fat grafts in the upper part of the buttock will lift the buttock and enhance the look of the Brazilian Butt Lift. My usual goal is to transfer a minimum of 250cc of "good fat" to the upper and mid-buttock area.

Joel B. Singer, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon

Dispersing fat in Brazilian butt lift

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It is best to place the fat within an area that has high  blood supply and circulation.  But also, it is important to place the fat as droplets (micrografts) within the buttock tissue.  I persoanlly like to add as much fat to the buttock as possible.  This is diffusely grafted within all the different layers.  That means both the muscle and the buttock fat.

Brazilian Butt Lift: Fat injected into muscle

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SEE VIDEO BELOW: According to the vast majority of practitioners, the fat has a higher chance of taking when it is placed into a vascular recipient site. For the most part, placing into the muscle (not above and not below) is the best location to optimize survival of the transplanted fat.

Otto Joseph Placik, MD
Chicago Plastic Surgeon
4.9 out of 5 stars 86 reviews

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