Can I Have Fat Grafting from Another Part of my Body into my Inner Thighs?

I had bad liposuction results inside my inner thighs. Can I have fat grafting from another part of my body into my inner tights???? What part of the body do you suggest can be used for this procedure? Please respond. Thanks!

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Fat grafting works well for liposuction irregularities

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Fat grafting is ideal to treat irregularities after liposuction. You need to give the area at least 6 months to heal and allow the scars to mature. Careful autofat transfer done by an experienced surgeon can offer dramatic improvement.

Fat injections to correct inner thigh liposuction depressions

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The inner thigh is more susceptible to irregularities before and after liposuction because of its unique anatomy. Fixing defects with fat injections is more accurately referred to as improvement as opposed to repair. It is very difficult to make the irregularities perfect, and in fact, secondary procedures, such as liposuction, can worsen the bad result. The inner thigh is commonly done with liposuction and volume is reduced but the irregularities that occur in this area are typically greater than for most other areas. This has to deal with the way the elastic properties of the tissues are and how gravity affects it after the area undergoes surgery, such as with liposuction. Some patients elect to have maintenance treatment with Endermologie or Velashape non invasive deep tissue massage, and although not perfect or permanent, it does help some people significantly with ongoing maintenance.

Ronald Shelton, MD
Manhattan Dermatologic Surgeon
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Bad results liposuction

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Bad results of the inner thigh after liposuction is common for non experienced liposuction physicians.

Choose your doctor very carefull, correction of bad results is much more expensive.

The dents canula marks over liposuction is probably what you are talking about.

Yes you can have fat transfer to the deformity of the inner thighs, you will need large volume of fat to be transfered, much more volume than one thinks ( have done it several times)

you also may need surgery along with fat transfer, be prepared to have multiple surgeries to achieve the normal results you want

Samir Shureih, MD
Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

Fat transfer for inner thighs.

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Fat Grafting can be done from another part of the body and placed in the inner thighs or any other region.

To get the best results, your surgeons should  perform liposuction and lipotransfer using non-traumatic fashion.

It requires patience and good technique to maximize the improvement.

Hope this was helpful.

Dr. Sajjadian

Fat Transfer Works to Fix Dents

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Unfortunately, I have fixed these types of dents from liposuction. Although I am a facial plastic surgeon working in the face and have extensive experience with facial fat transfer if I see a liposuction defect from a previous surgeon I will try to fix it while I am doing the face. It oftentimes is not perfect but it is better. When I am working along with the face for fat transfer, I do not charge more for the body fix if it is not extensive.


sam lam

Sam Lam, MD, FACS
Dallas Facial Plastic Surgeon

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