Fat Grafting Lumps in Corner of Each Eye and a Lump in Lower Portion of Eye?

Had fat grafting performed to orbital area due to hollowness and cheek area. Six months later have a lump in the corner of each eye and one lump on the lower eye where the skin has turned red above Was told my my surgeon that this was not related to the fat grafting as he really didnt fill in my lid just around it and it was just my eyes getting old. Not quite sure how to handle this and I would like to remain his patient but not sure if I am, being told the truth.

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How can I have lumps around my eyes from fat grafting?

If you are 6 months out from the procedure I am trying to understand how you aged that quickly.  You should have before and after photos for comparison.  Either you should or your surgeon should so that you can evaluate the result and go over where the graft was put in carefully.

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